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Robo-Sonic Prolouge
When Sonic turned 16, in September of the year after the Black Arms attacked, the Rider Races, and they'd all been fully aqaitanced with Blaze, Storm, Jet and Wave, he decided to move himself and two friends into a house.
He moved into a very old mansion called "The Mansion," in which where the door bell was broken and a person died in the house some twenty-seven thousand years ago.
The whole street of Dragon Lane looked like it was dead!
There was a small house that had a broken CD player in it was next door.
Across the street, there was a burnt down house with a few other house that had been burnt down, next to it.
The house down near the dead end was a little lopsided and begged for an owner.
The house next to that one wasn't a house AT ALL! It was a statue of a dragon and a boy who resimbled Ash from Pokemon was riding it. It seemed as though he had been petrafied and that he was a great warrior who had kept the street safe.
Now, Sonic would be the "hero" of the street. Although, i
:iconruinedshadows:ruinedshadows 1 4
Sonic/Shadow/Tails belong to SEGA/Sonic Team. Drogan (Lucky) belongs to me
It was a rainy night in Station Square. Sonic the hedehog was just on his way home from his friends house. As he walked down the street he heard a slight wimpering coming from a bush
across the road. Sonic didnt think much about it and started walking again, but then he couldnt help but wonder what was making tha wimpering. "It's nothing. I should just go home" Sonic
said to himself. He took two more steps then turned to the bush that was still wimpering, he sighed and walked over to it. Sonic bent over a little and pulled the bushes apart, just to find a
small brown puppy, with dragon features. Sonic picked up the puppy/dragon and looked at it, it had small dragon wings with quite large dragon paws, it's tails was also long and curled
round, all the rest was all puppy. "What is this?" Sonic asked himself as he held the little puppy. The rain started coming down harder, Sonic covered his eyes and r
:iconlozix:lozix 12 2
Mature content
The Broken Angel :iconpaytadow7274:Paytadow7274 95 35
Sonadow- Winter Kiss
Shadow shivers as he trudged through the snowy sidewalk without a scarf on to keep him warm. It was December and Christmas was coming soon. People were excited to see their relatives and have a beautiful Christmas huddled near the fireplace. Some were buying presents for their love ones and some were creating their presents with their bare hands.
But Shadow had no home to go to, no family or relatives to see, or a gift to give. Not even a gift to buy.
If you say he has nothing, you are wrong. Shadow will have something. Something, sweet, something warm, something…. to love.
"Shadow?" A soft voice called.
Shadow's POV
My eyes were sharp and squinted as I try to see through this bad weather. Snow stuck to my fur and it was ice cold when it pressed itself on my skin. I growl and shake myself to rid of the cold stuff, but more form when I stop my shaking and it starts itself over again.
"Shadow?" A familiar voice calls out my name and I turn to see my rival, Sonic The Hedgehog.
:icondppuppy:DPpuppy 113 27
Sometimes It's Hard ..:Sonadow:..
The alarm clock was shaking from the sound it made. In the dark room was a sleeping black hedgehog with his blue partner beside him. He hated mornings. It was even worse when he knew he had to go up. His work was always so early. He had to wake up around five every morning.
He slowly turned himself to his back and held out his hand to shut off the alarm clock, but he hit something that was in the way. It fell down and a sound of broken glass could you hear. A deep sigh from the dark one.
" Damn it " he said.
The crack from the glass made the other hedgehog slowly wake up. Which always made this moment worse. The blue one hates to see his lover leave him, to see him leave out the bedroom and shut the door behind him. He heard the alarm shut off and he open his eyes to see his lovers back to him.
" Hmm... What happened? " asked the sleepy blue beauty.
" Nothing.. Just hit the picture of us down " he said and leaned down to pick it up.
" Shads this is the third time you d
:iconsweet-coffey:Sweet-Coffey 59 28
I Thought You Loved Me?
Sonic sat in the corner, curled up in a tight ball, crying softly to himself… like he'd do every night when Shadow came home.
the whisky bottle missed Sonic's head by a hair.
he wouldn't dare make a sound, afraid Shadow might beat him up even more in his drunken state.
silence engulfed them. Silence was scary…
Sonic lifted his eyes to see shadow storming up to him. He yelped as Shadow's vice grip took hold of his wrists and yanked him up.
Shadow held a broken beer bottle in his teeth.
he smashed Sonic into the wall, holding his wrists with one hand as the other removed the bottle from his mouth.
he racked the broken edges along Sonic's stomach.
Sonic cried out bloody murder as he pushed the broken bottle deeper into the wounds.
shadow pushed away, leaving sonic to fall to the floor crying in agony.
he doubled over, clutching the wound, tears falling to the floor…
he waited for those painful words Shadow said after he hurt him…
Piece of shit…
yet t
:iconflamiedewynter:FlamieDeWynter 14 10
Sonadow: Druken Nights Part 2
I walked over to Shadow, and tapped him on the shoulder. "Shadow?" I sat across from him, on the four-seated table. He looked up, I saw his face. He didn't look like himself, it looked like he was depressed, and drunk. I saw about a dozen bottles of beer, all empty. "What do you want Faker?" "I'll ask you later, when you're sober." "Don't count on it," he laughed a little. "I never leave this bar, it's like my new home. And I drink whenever I want." "Doesn't Jet ever kick you out?" "No, I hide somewhere right before he closes up, Shadow grinned at his 'genius' actions. I got up, and went over to Jet again. "Do you know Shadow basically LIVES here Jet?" "He does?" Jet was getting mad. "That explains why my beer stock is half gone after each night. And why I have to PAY more for MORE BEER! And why I'M LOSING CUSTOMERS!" He jumped out of his seat and stormed over towards Shadow. He raised his fist and punched Shadow right across the face. I ran over to Shadow, who was half-conscious, his
:iconsonicfreecolors1234:SonicFreeColors1234 27 9
Sonadow: Druken Nights Part 1
I was walking to a local bar, the sign on it read, "Bar". It was only the second-half of the neon sign, the other half was unlit. I decided to go inside, have a little fun in my life. Why am I here? I'll tell you.
I was on Mobius, in Tails' garage. He was experimenting on me, "Don't worry Sonic, it won't hurt you," he would say before attaching something on me. He gave me gauntlets, helmets, shoes, and so-on. Those ordinary-looking clothing would do something weird. A scarf he made would make you black out, shoes would help you dance, hats would erase your mind. And boy, did it take awhile to get back to normal after loosing my memories. Anyway, he started putting me into what seemed like a gas chamber or whatever. Well, he shoved me in it. "This is a teleporting machine, I set your arrival spot right outside the garage." "Just hurry up, I'm starting to get tired of these 'experiments'," Tails pushed some buttons, and a whirring sound came out of the machine. A bright flash of light en
:iconsonicfreecolors1234:SonicFreeColors1234 30 1
Work It by XxXGothicThingXxX Work It :iconxxxgothicthingxxx:XxXGothicThingXxX 2 5 sexi ay ke rikooo!!! by sonadow-hot sexi ay ke rikooo!!! :iconsonadow-hot:sonadow-hot 3 2 Sexy Shadow by Yuki-Takimura Sexy Shadow :iconyuki-takimura:Yuki-Takimura 12 5
Just One Bite-Ch.1-Cut
Chapter One: Cut
Upon returning to our shared home, Sonics' eyes were fogged with sleepiness. I jogged up a little staircase to our bedroom, gently laying him down on the king size, Egyptian cotton-covered bed. Sonic raised the upper half of his body slowly almost immediately after being set down, scratching at his oceanic quills attached to his head. "Shadow?" he whispered. When I was going to leave the room, I rotated myself to face my lover.
"Yes?" Sonic gripped at his frayed jeans, head hung down, eyes pressed shut and a heavy pink tickling his muzzle. "D-Don't go…" he rasped. My bloody eyes brightened; 'Perhaps I could show him now…' the thought that encircled my mind caused a smirk to form and my eyes to narrow lustfully.
I strode over to the plush bed, lying on top of Sonic, ebony hand cupping the right side of his muzzle. "Don't worry; I won't be leaving for a bit…" I growled. Sonic would have grinned if I hadn't sealed his lips off. I picked up his eyes going wi
:iconfearless-scream1852:Fearless-Scream1852 42 28
:Sonadow - Splash: by Birello :Sonadow - Splash: :iconbirello:Birello 96 42 GAGAfied- Sonadow by Panderp123 GAGAfied- Sonadow :iconpanderp123:Panderp123 68 44


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